Buy-Sell Agreement Valuation Methods

I've already covered why buy-sell agreements are important to small business owners, and the triggers that invoke that contract. In order to construct a valid buy-sell agreement, however, a proper valuation must be placed on the business. There are three basic valuation methods used to determine the value of each partner’s ... Continue Reading

Common Triggers in a Buy-Sell Agreement

Earlier last week, we discussed buy-sell agreements. Since a buy-sell is simply a contract between business partners, the partners can agree on the triggers that will force one business partner to buy out the other partner’s share. Here’s a brief explanation to help detail some of those triggers. Divorce In Louisiana, a ... Continue Reading

When is my New Orleans Occupational License Tax Due?

Every business operating in New Orleans is required to have an occupational license issued by the City. That occupational license is issued annually, and it’s essentially a permit that lets you operate, and a tax based on the revenue your company generates. Since it’s an annual permit, you must renew it each year. According ... Continue Reading

If you have a business partner, you need a buy-sell agreement

A buy–sell agreement, or a buyout agreement, is a contract between co-owners of a business that addresses the situation if a co-owner is, for any imaginable reason, no longer a part of the business. For example, if a co-owner wants out of the business, wishes to retire, goes bankrupt, becomes disabled, gets divorced, dies or ... Continue Reading

What Types of Offenses would Disqualify an Applicant from Working in Home Healthcare in Louisiana?

If you are a health care industry entrepreneur in Louisiana, you know that a nurse's aide or a home health aide may be offered temporary employment prior to the receipt of the results of a required criminal history check - as long as they are under the direct supervision of a permanent employee or in the presence of a member of ... Continue Reading