New Orleans Figured out Food Trucks, Why Can’t it Figure out Airbnb?

Just a couple of years ago, food trucks were the new business model in town. The city didn’t have permits for food trucks, and was struggling with regulating the moving kitchens. A small group of food truck owners, their attorney (cough cough), and the City Council were able to go from zero regulation and illegal activity to a ... Continue Reading

Florida May Force your Website to List Your Name and Address

According to an article in the National Law Review, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the True Origin of Digital Goods Act that “requires companies with websites and other online services (e.g., mobile apps) that distribute music, video, and other audiovisual content of third parties to include the website owner’s contact ... Continue Reading

How to Download your Articles of Organization from the Louisiana Secretary of State

If your business is a Louisiana Limited Liability Company, you had Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State in order to form the LLC. For the vast majority of companies out there, this means that your Articles of Organization were automatically generated when you filed out the form to file the LLC on the Secretary of ... Continue Reading

New Orleans’ New Zoning Ordinance – Coming Soon!

The new zoning ordinance is close to becoming law (I think I’ve been saying this since last summer). It’s apparently on the City Council’s agenda for a vote this Thursday; although it’s likely to be pushed back another two weeks. If you own property in New Orleans, and you haven’t checked on the zoning yet, you owe it to ... Continue Reading

Employee Classification Assessment from the Louisiana Workforce Commission

Worker classification is a big deal. We work with clients and read about problems regarding worker classification as an employee or independent contractor on at least a weekly basis. I’ve also written about the topic several times on this blog. Sometimes it can be tough to determine how to classify a worker. Fortunately, the ... Continue Reading

The Timeline for Zoning Changes in New Orleans

If you’re opening a new business in New Orleans, you may have to apply for a zoning change. Generally, the legislative process after the City Planning Commission acts takes about 6 weeks, minimum, but it may increase due to neighborhood opposition, concerns from the council, and other factors. The City Planning Commission ... Continue Reading

Paying the City of New Orleans Occupational License Tax – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1 of how to pay your City of New Orleans Occupational License Tax. If you don’t have an online account with the city to pay your taxes, you should checkout that post first and register. After you’ve regsitered, it may take a few days for the account to be approved by the city. My registration ... Continue Reading