The Benefit Corporation: Guest Post @ Silicon Bayou News

SBNSilicon Bayou News is a New Orleans based media outlet covering the entrepreneurs, developers, innovators, and venture capitalists who are making Louisiana the place to be for young technology companies. Given the recent press from outlets such as Under30CEO (25 Reasons Why New Orleans is the Best City for Young Entrepreneurs) and (Why New Orleans Is the Coolest Start-up City in America), Silicon Bayou stands to fill a niche news market.

The editor of Silicon Bayou recently asked me if I would be willing to make regular contributions. Excited at the opportunity, I happily obliged.

My first post for Silicon Bayou discusses the Benefit Corporation, a relatively new business entity which allows a business to put social entrepreneurship ahead of profits. Although Louisiana law does not yet allow the B-Corp, there are at least two benefit corporations headquartered in New Orleans. Read more about this new concept over at Silicon Bayou News.