Use LinkedIn’s CardMunch to Organize Business Cards

cardmunchEach year, lawyers have to earn a certain amount of CLE credits to retain their licenses. Last week, I attended one of these conferences. CLEs are not only great for learning new areas of the law and learning new tactics, strategies, and updated law, but they’re also great for networking. The only problem with networking is that everyone still uses business cards. As a paperless law office, what am I supposed to do with all these cards?

As you might imagine, there’s an app for that. Actually, a bunch of apps. The best I’ve found is LinkedIn’s CardMunch. This free app allows you to take a picture of the card and upload it to their servers. Rather than using a computer or your iPhone to recognize and store the text on the card, LinkedIn actually has an army of human minions looking at each card and manually transcribing the text. So, rather than waiting for your phone to record the digital text, all you need to do is take the picture and wait for the information to appear. The process never seems to take longer than a day or two.

The contact’s information is then sent back to your iPhone, where you can easily add the contact to your address book. The best part of the App is that it allows you to easily connect on LinkedIn with your new connections. You can do this straight from the app, even if you don’t have the LinkedIn app on your phone.

Head over to the iTunes Store to throw out those paper business cards and keep your networking contacts in one place.