How to Start a Business in Louisiana

So you're interested in starting a business in Louisiana? That's awesome, fantastic, and exciting. And, as one client recently put it "it's a lot more work than I thought!" She was right. Running a business is a lot of work. The first question most people have though is pretty simple: where do I start? If you've gotten to the ... Continue Reading

Sometimes that Written Contract Just Isn’t Enough

If you read this blog regularly, you know I always blab on and on about why you should have agreements in writing. And you've read the horror stories. This week, I was approached by not one, but two potential client who had their agreements in writing, but faced problems because those agreements did not comply with Louisiana ... Continue Reading

Another Day, Another Deal Without a Contract

This morning I received a call from a small business owner who had negotiated to sell all her inventory to a buyer for $60,000. The parties agreed that payment would be made over several months. The buyer drove in from another state, picked up all the inventory in a truck, and drove back home. The seller hasn't heard from her ... Continue Reading

What rights do I have as a Shareholder against the directors and officers of a Louisiana Corporation?

As a shareholder of a corporation, you’re not responsible for the management of direction of the corporation. You’re simply an investor, and you put your trust in the officers and directors of the corporation to make prudent choices for your investment. When the officers or directors make a mistake,  you may have rights ... Continue Reading

Resolving Disputes Quickly through Mediation

A few months ago, I had a client tell me that he wanted to resolve a dispute quickly, even if it meant he would have to spend a bit more money. I recommended a meditation. The other side agreed to mediate, and the mediation was held a couple of weeks ago. Now, a case that could have lingered in the court system for a few years ... Continue Reading

How can I contribute more funds to my business?

Sometimes a business will require a cash infusion in order to continue operating. If you’re the sole owner the of LLC, it’s relatively easy to make a capital contribution to your business by transferring money from your personal account to business account. This transaction becomes more complicated when there are multiple ... Continue Reading