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Want to monetize your property?

We will do the licensing work for you.

Part of the licensing process includes creating floor and site plans for your property, as well as signing a notarized affidavit that confirms you are complying with the law. We’ll arrange all the drawings and plans to be created, file it with the city, and work with the city to ensure that you get your license as quickly as possible. We will do the work for you and walk you through the process. Here’s what we can offer:

1) A hassle-free process - you won’t have to deal with the city and complicated bureaucracy.

2) Clarity about the city’s requirements - no confusion or uncertainty about whether you meet the requirements

3) Clarity about the benefits of having a license - we provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you can take advantage of all the benefits

4) Useful advice - we answer all of your questions so you can run your Short Term Rental as a real business

Wonder if you meet the requirements to be a licenced homeowner? 

Click the button above to get a free checklist of requirements and all the information you need to make your decision.

Once you are licensed, you are able list your house for rent on AirBNB, VRBO, or similar housing rental platforms. In late 2016, the city legalized Short Term Rentals and adopted an approval process to legally rent out homes. Those who choose not to apply for a permit may incur fines or have their power turned off.

3 Main Benefits of a Short Term Rental License

Supplement your Income

The amount of money you’ll make will depend on your location, the amount of available space, and creating a positive experience for your guests.

Learn to run a Business

You’ll learn new skills, including marketing, customer service, negotiation, communication and finance.

Potential Tax Benefits

There is a potential to deduct business expenses on federal income tax (as always, ask your CPA).

Our Team

Andrew Legrand
Founder & Small Business Attorney

Andrew’s focus is in small business law. He understands the concerns of entrepreneurs and works hard to help small business owners create and protect successful companies.

John "Mac" McFarland
Field Engineer

John has over 20 years of construction and engineering experience. He manages our team of field technicians and designers who prepare the required floor plans and signage.

Franziska Pirkl
Legal Assistant

Fran coordinates administrative and marketing efforts at Spera Law Group. She joined the firm in March 2016. Fran is all around the office, and our clients work with her often.

    What Clients Say about Us

    "We had to navigate through the difficulties of the City of New Orleans to get the approvals we needed to start our business and Andrew was instrumental in that. Andrew also made sure his results would meet his promises."

    Jane Cooper - Grande Krewe

    "Let’s face it, attorneys don’t always have the best reputations and attorney are expensive, but Andrew knows how to save a business person money. He really does know how to save a person money. While having so many things on my plate, it’s good for me to pick up the phone and call Andrew to say “Hey look, I’m having this problem, can you help me resolve this?” and he is right there. Believe it or not, I recommend him lot to whomever I’m speaking to. If anybody out there is looking for a great attorney, Andrew is the one."

    Will Lizardo - Luxe Limousines

    "I had the pleasure of utilizing Andrew's services when starting my small business. As a first time business owner, I had a wealth of questions, some of which were pretty silly and almost embarrassing to ask. However, Andrew never made me feel like a nit-wit and instead made me feel comfortable and confident when addressing my concerns. He provided me with so many valuable insights and I say with confidence that I would not have been able to receive the quality of advice from any other lawyer."

    Anna O. - Yelp

    What Makes Us Different

    At Spera Law Group, we put our clients first. Andrew Legrand started Spera with the idea that law firms should be just as innovative as other businesses, and less focused on the old, traditional model of billable hours and clutter. Because of that, he founded a law firm that's built on flat fees and takes full advantage of technology. 

    1. We are efficient - We are built as a paperless law firm that specifically meet the needs of today’s small business clients. Our practice is leaner and more responsive, without the clutter of paper, the wastes of conventional offices, or an excess of non-essential staff. We’ve streamlined our practice so that we can focus our resources on what matters the most: our clients.

    2. We are responsive - We know that total access is important to our clients. We make our documents and statements readily available and strive to respond to concerns and questions as quickly as possible. We’re out to set the standard for the modern law firm: quicker, smarter, and more open.

    3. We are transparent - We are trustworthy translators when it comes to legal jargon as we illuminate, clarify, and meet every question with respect and patience. We want our clients to know all of their options and to understand every step of the legal process.

    It all comes as part of our licensing process

    You have a choice to make. Whether you have an entire property to rent, or just a room in your house, you can monetize it. We'll work with you to ensure that your home qualifies and that you obtain the right license. Take advantage of this brand new type of business and transform your home into a money generating business.

    Are you curious about the process? We’ve created a free email course where we’ll share a checklist of requirements for homeowners and lots of other useful information.